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Hebel is a strong yet lightweight building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) that has a variety of construction applications. Developed in Scandinavia over 70 years ago, AAC uses raw materials such as sand, cement, lime, and gypsum, which, when combined with water and an expansion agent, produces the high-quality masonry material. Available in panels or blocks, Hebel is commonly used as a substitute for block work and concrete as it is easy to handle, quick to work with, and solid while being approximately 80% lighter than regular bricks. Additionally, Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for added strength and can be purchased in customisable lengths depending on your project.

At SA Cladding, it’s our job to ensure your Hebel cladding is installed properly and up to Australian building codes. Before we come to do the installation, your builder or subcontractor will need to properly measure the designated area(s) and order the Hebel required to complete the job. Then, once it’s arrived on site, our expert cladding installer will come and read off your builder’s plan to install it accordingly. From there, if you aren’t opting for our supply & installation services, you will need to source another subcontractor to finish the rendering and painting portions of the job. Ultimately, no matter if you choose SA Cladding to do the supply & installation or just the installation, you’ll know you’re getting a premium cladding solution that will stand the test of time and look good while doing it.

Hebel cladding is eco-friendly, energy efficient, and fire resistant, making it suitable for interior and exterior walls, fencing, external facades, fire walls and tunnels, sound barriers, and more. Another popular application is Hebel flooring because it’s not only lightweight but also cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and noise-reducing. Since it is such a versatile, high-performing product, it can be found in a variety of building projects throughout Adelaide, including houses, multi-residential complexes, apartments, and commercial and industrial job sites. Plus, did you know that a single 3-metre Hebel panel is the equivalent of approximately 90 bricks? This means you’ll require less labour and, therefore, less money to achieve the same type of look as traditional brickwork.

You might be wondering, what sets SA Cladding apart from other similar businesses? Well, we’re glad you asked. For starters, SA Cladding is a family-owned company with a small team of experts whose entire job is devoted to being the best installation specialists in the Adelaide area. As a result, we prioritise quality over quantity, meaning when you choose SA Cladding, you know you’re getting the experience, expertise, and attention to detail that your project deserves. We’ve also developed a strong reputation for being a customer-focused company, meaning we’re not completely satisfied with our work until you are! Need more reasons why you should trust us with your cladding project or looking for a quote? Speak with one of our team members today! Call us at 0434 680 620 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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