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At SA Cladding, we pride ourselves on being a premier installer of deco cladding in the Adelaide area, which is why we offer a complete front-to-back supply and installation service for our CFC Cladding products. To start, we will visit your residential or commercial property to appraise and measure the area that’s going to be covered in CFC Cladding. From there, we will source the proper materials, and upon their arrival, our experts will come back out to your property for installation. Undergoing a proper installation process is critical, seeing as the CFC Cladding will be your home’s first line of defence against the surrounding environment and its weather conditions. Upon installation, your CFC Cladding is ready to be painted or textured to your desired look, which is something our specialists at SA Cladding can also help with.

Made from Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC), CFC Cladding is a building material that was developed in the early 1980s by James Hardie as an alternative to traditional materials of the time. CFC Cladding is made from sand, cement, and cellulose fibres, meaning it is resistant to rot, fire, water, and termite damage when installed and maintained properly. In other words, it essentially acts as a protective layer on the exterior of your home, and no matter what type of environment it’s subjected to, you will not experience any warping, cracking, or peeling when you use CFC Cladding for your next residential or commercial project.

CFC Cladding is a popular choice for builders thanks to its simple installation process and weather-resistant properties. Over the years, it has become a building staple since it can protect homes against both brushfires and excessive moisture – two common extreme weather conditions in Australia. CFC Cladding is also classified as a low-maintenance material and can even help keep your home cool on warm days. Plus, it comes in an array of styles and textures, which can be painted in almost any colour to add a unique personality and design to your home or business. Typically used for a building’s exterior, CFC Cladding is also an incredibly affordable investment compared to many other siding options and will never look fake or cheap but rather elevated and upscale.

So, why should you choose us above other cladding specialists in Adelaide? Well, at SA Cladding, we are dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship with practical installation methods that feature luxury finishes, and these values can be seen in each and every project we put our name to. Ultimately, as a family-owned business, it’s important that our name is synonymous with quality and luxury, which is why our main goal is to provide affordable yet customised cladding solutions to customers throughout Adelaide for their residential and commercial projects. Are you ready to speak with one of our experts or get a quote? Call us at 0434 680 620 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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